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Sausages change category

White sausage with basil and marjoram

Product recommended for people on a gluten-free diet. Turkey meat sausage recommended for the grill. A great combination of basil and marjoram with unique taste and aroma.

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Turkey Sausage with Jelly

High-quality sausage, based on natural spices, with natural jelly created on the basis of tender meat from the turkey tight. Gluten-free product, does not contain phosphates and sodium glutamate. 100g have been produced from 125g of turkey meat.

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Cesarska Sausage

Thin sausage, based on a turkey meat with the addition of pork with a crispy texture and light smoking.

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Polish Roasted Sausage

Medium minced sausage with the unique combination of turkey meat and pork. Product with distinctive dark colored smoking and mild flavor.

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Crispy, gently dried sausage, based on a turkey meat with pleasant flavor and aroma.

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