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General Information

Polskie Mięso i Wędliny ŁUKOSZ Sp. z o. o. is a family business established in 1990. At the moment, the company employs about a thousand people.

The main elements of sales range are processed meats, based mainly on turkey and chicken meat. Production potential reaches 4000T of processed products and 3000T of fresh and frozen turkey meat monthly. The offer also includes convenience food products as well as breaded and battered poultry products.

The company has two meat processing plants:

  • Meat Processing Plant in Chybie - production of sausages, blocks and other brawn. Production potential reaches 60T per day.
  • Meat Processing Plant in Czerwionka-Leszczyny - production of sausages and convenience products such as chicken nuggets and cordon bleu. Production potential reaches 120T per day.
  • Turkey Slaughterhouse in Ostróda - slaughtering and butchering turkey. Production potential reaches 120T per day.

Meat processing plant in Czerwionka-Leszczyny and turkey slaughterhouse in Ostróda have certified management systems in accordance with IFS, and BRC standards. For all elaborated products there is a possibility to do HALAL production.

Distribution of products is carried out throughout Poland and abroad, mainly to: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and also to African and Asian markets.

Thanks to modern transportation base it is possible to deliver products to our customers on time and in conditions that meet the requirements of each product.